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2020 Seattle Gaming Companies

Seattle is a gaming tech epicenter, and headquarters for big names such as Amazon Studios, Bungie, Microsoft Studios, Nintendo, and Valve.

Directory of companies in the Seattle area that are actively involved in gaming development:

Company Location Market Product
17-Bit Seattle
343 Industries (Microsoft Game Studios) Redmond
4gency Seattle
5th Cell Bellevue
A Thinking Ape Redmond
Against Gravity Seattle
Amazon Game Studios Seattle
Amazon Lumberyard Seattle
Anomaly Labs Seattle
ArenaNet (NCsoft) Seattle
AtomJack Seattle
Beep Industries Bothell
BigBox VR Seattle
Big Fish Games Seattle
Blackpowder Games Seattle
Boomzap Seattle
Bright Blue Games Seattle
Bubble Zap Games Monroe
Bungie Studios Bellevue
Camouflaj Seattle
Carbon Games Bellevue
Cascade Game Foundry Seattle
Cat Daddy Games Bellevue
Colabee Studios Seattle
ConcernedApe Seattle
Cryptic North (Perfect World) Seattle
Detonator Games Seattle
Digital Eel Kirkland
Double Damage Games Seattle
Double Down Interactive Seattle
Doublebear Productions Seattle
DreamBox Learning Seattle
Dropleaf Seattle
E-Line Media Bellevue
Eastshade Studios Bellevue
Ember Entertainment Seattle
En Masse Entertainment Seattle
Epic Bellevue
Exato Games Lynwood
Exponential Entertainment Lynwood
Fat Loot Games Seattle
Fat Rascal (SGN) Seattle
Fixer Studios Seattle
Flowplay Seattle
Fugazo Seattle
Fun Bits Seattle
Funtini Seattle
GameHouse Seattle
Gastronaut Studios Seattle
Giant Army Seattle
Giant Enemy Crab Seattle
Glu Mobile Bellevue
Goblinworks Seattle
Hardsuit Labs Seattle
Harebrained Schemes Kirkland
Hashbang Games Seattle
HeartRate Games Seattle
Helcorp Interactive Seattle
Her Interactive Bellevue
Hidden Path Entertainment Bellevue
Highwire Studios Seattle
Hipsoft Redmond
Holospark Seattle
Hubtag Seattle
Icewater Games Seattle
Imagos Softworks Seattle
IndiMo Labs Seattle
Infinut Seattle
Jumo Seattle (Activision) Seattle
Leviathan Games Seattle
Linden Lab Seattle
Locurio Seattle
Lotims Seattle
Marauder Interactive Seattle
Matcherino Seattle
Mean Hamster Software Seattle
Microsoft Game Studios Redmond
Monolith Productions Kirkland
NCsoft West Seattle
Niantic Seattle
Nintendo of America Redmond
No Goblin Seattle
No Matter Studios Kirkland
Oculus VR Seattle
Ominous Development Seattle
Owldragon Games Seattle
Paddle Creek Games Seattle
Paranoid Productions Seattle
Perilous Orbit Redmond
Pluto VR Seattle
PopCap Games (Electronic Arts) Seattle
PressOK Entertainment Seattle
RealNetworks Seattle
Refract Studios Seattle
Reaxion Seattle
Runic Games Seattle
Serellan Seattle
Signal Studios Bothell
Smashing Ideas Seattle
Soulbound Studios Bellevue
Spiderweb Software Seattle
Spry Fox Kirkland
Stellar Jockeys Seattle
Strange Loop Games Seattle
Studio 216 Seattle
Studio Pepwuper Seattle
Studio Wildcard Kirkland
Stumbling Cat Seattle
Subset Games Seattle
Subutai Corporation Seattle
Sucker Punch Productions (Sony) Bellevue
Suckerfree Games Seattle
Sunbreak Games Kirkland
Sunleaf Studios Redmond
SyncBuildRun Seattle
SystemEra Seattle
Taunt Seattle
The Amazing Society Seattle
ThePlatform Seattle
The Pokeman Company Bellevue
The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild Seattle
The The Spiraloid Workshop Seattle
Three Donkeys Redmond
Timbre Interactiv Seattle
TinkerHouse Games Seattle
TinyBuild Games Seattle
Torpex Games Bellevue
Turn 10 Studios Redmond
Uber Entertainment Bellevue
Uforia Bellevue
Undead Labs Seattle
Upper One Games Seattle
Valkyrie Entertainment Seattle
Valve Corporation Bellevue
Virtually Live Seattle
Wargaming Seattle Seattle
Warner Bros Games Kirkland
Washington Interactive Network Seattle
WG Cells Bellevue
WildTangent Seattle
Wizards of the Coast Renton
Z2Live Seattle
Zachtronics Industries Redmond
Zhurosoft Seattle
Zipline Games Seattle

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