AI City

2020 Seattle AI/ML Companies

Directory of companies in the Seattle area that are actively involved in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning:

Company Location Market Product
Adazza Seattle ML prediction for telcos and cable operators
AI2 Seattle AI research
Algorithmia Seattle Community AI algorithm development
Amazon Seattle Full-stack AI
Amperity Seattle AI for marketing
Amplero Seattle AI for marketing
Apple Seattle Acquired Turi for ML
Atlas Informatics Seattle ML personal search engine
BYOR Seattle Deep-learning resume improvement bot
Clever Nudge Seattle AI for marketing - contextual data platform
Context Relevant Seattle AI fraud detection
Cyntient Seattle AI for games
DimensionalMechanics Bellevue AI model building platform
Facebook Seattle Machine learning
Google Kirkland Machine learning, autonomous vehicles
Inegris Software Seattle ML data compliance and risk management
KITT.AI Seattle NLU chatbot
Metricstory Seattle Analytics
Microsoft Seattle Full-stack AI
Mighty AI Seattle Training data as a service
Mosaictrack Seattle AI for recruiting Seattle Collaborative chatbot
Radish Medical Solutions Seattle Breast cancer detection
ReplyYes Seattle
SayKara Seattle AI for healthcare
Splunk Seattle AI for healthcare
Tableau Seattle Analytics
Textio Seattle AI for resume writing
Tijee Seattle AI cloud-based home robot
VoiceBox Bellevue Automotive AI
Xevo Seattle Automotive AI
XNOR.AI Seattle Local AI on resource-constrained devices

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